At the core of our business philosophy is how we embed our continuous approach to ‘innovation’ to evolve today’s ideas into tomorrow’s standards: product and service.  

How we combine experience with youthful energy and develop this into a robust and defined process.

Process Design

Quality is derived from our experience and understanding of how stainless & nickel alloys react to the dynamic forces and plastic strain from cold working processes.  

When our customer’s expectations are to meet and exceed the toughest of specification requirements we model, simulate our tool designs to give the optimum balance of properties from tolerance control, surface finish, hardness control to mechanical properties.  

Whatever your unique property requirements are we can find the solution.  

Co-Ex Tubes

If you are searching for the ultimate seamless tube then consider DMV Co-Ex.

Combining mechanical properties, corrosion resistance & cost effectiveness in an efficient, integrated, process.
Combining CRA (Corrosion Resistant Alloy) with low alloy steel mechanical properties in a seamless, metallurgically diffusion bonded product.

From extrusion thru cold pilgering to full NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) and mechanical testing we ensure product integrity and quality control.  

Bimetallic tubes

Bimetallic tubes were developed as a solution to service some of the most aggressive environments associated with Urea strippers. 

Consisting of an external tube of DMV 25.22.2 and internal tube lining of zirconium grade 702 we innovated our process technology to ensure the integral bonding during the cold working process.


6 weeks ex-works.

Rapid deliveries, supporting breakdown requirements from our EU and US production facilities. 

Utilising the flexibility of its Issoudun, France and Houston, USA production facilities MST has launched a new service offering a manufacturing lead time of 6 weeks, to support rapid delivery needs on breakdown requirements.  

Initially focused on a standard range of seamless stainless & nickel alloys in heat exchanger type sizes but with flexibility to consider individual needs.  

Seamless Stainless & Nickel based alloys

Grades: 304L, 316L,321, 600, 625
Specifications: ASTM A213, A269, B163, B444 Eddy Current tested
Standard lengths.


OD rangemmInch

WT rangemmInch

Other dimensions and specifications available upon request. Capacity and raw material is subject unsold.


The Hydrogen economy represents the strategic development of hydrogen production, transport, infrastructure usage towards a 2050 view of the complete conversion to hydrogen as our primary source of mobility fuel.

To supply energy to fuel cell vehicles which use hydrogen as the next generation clean energy requires materials with high levels of product integrity, excellent hydrogen embrittlement resistance at high pressures and low temperatures.

Mannesmann H2ready brings our customers not only the Mannesmann Stainless Tube offering of stainless and nickel alloys but the much larger role the complete Mannesmann family brings towards the future of fuel cell technology and the development of the true environmentally friendly benefits thru the conversion of renewal energy into hydrogen.

Profiles: Adding Value, Adding Service

Square, rectangle, oval or as requested by customer drawings.

We add further value through:  

  • Precision cutting  
  • Machining   
  • Bending   

From micro components to structural mechanical tubing.

Profiles based upon a tube outside diameter from 1.6 mm (0.080") to  51 mm (2") and wall thickness from 0.1 mm (0.004") 

Shot Peen: Product Refinement

Treating the inner surface of a tube with particles of its own grade creates a cold worked, fine grain layer. Originally developed for use within power plant superheater and reheater tubes the shot peen process enhances the density of the chromium oxide layer such that it improves higher temperature service life.

Shot Peening Process (video)