Solar Energy

Since the early development of solar power generation and concentrating solar plants (CSP) we have been at the forefront of developing our products to support the increasingly challenging environments of solar thermal energy technologies.

From early technologies based on parabolic trough technology, with heat transfer fluids operating at up to 400 ºC (752 ºF) to the latest heliostat plants using molten salts up to 600 ºC (1112 ºF) with power outputs up 400 MW the need high for high temperature creep resistant alloys combined with tubes having efficient heat transfer characteristic and in long lengths has progressively evolved.

MST designationNearest equivalent standardTypical chemical composition 1)DensityMin. mechanical prop. at RT
 UNSENCmaxCrNiMoothers  Rp0.2 Yield StrengthRm Tensile Strength
DMV 310NS310421.49520.125.020.0N 0.20; Nb 0.408.00.292954365595
DMV 625N06625 Gr.12.48560.02522.063.09.0Nb
DMV 617N066172.46630.0822.055.09.0Co 12; Al; Ti8.40.3030044700102

1) All figures in weight percentage. In case of order, the limits of the order specification will apply.

From solar trough absorber tubes to solar receiver tubes, operating in the central receiver and being the focal point of the sun’s radiation we offer not only a material solution but the technical partnership to define tomorrow’s standards. Our heat exchanger tubes perform a critical function within the steam loop and are available in straight tubes or U-bent form in lengths up to 43 m/141 ft long.

PRODUCT: U-BENT TUBES (up to 43 m / 141 ft long)
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H2 Ready

The Hydrogen economy represents the strategic development of hydrogen production, transport, infrastructure usage towards a 2050 view of the complete conversion to hydrogen as our primary source of mobility fuel.

To supply energy to fuel cell vehicles which use hydrogen as the next generation clean energy requires materials with high levels of product integrity, excellent hydrogen embrittlement resistance at high pressures and low temperatures.

Mannesmann H2ready brings our customers not only the Mannesmann stainless tube offering of stainless and nickel alloys but the much larger role the complete Mannesmann family brings towards the future of fuel cell technology and the development of the true environmentally friendly benefits thru the conversion of renewal energy into hydrogen.